What is color?

Colors are everywhere, we are surrounded by them every moment of our lives. Our world is made up of colors, they are in the nature, our face and bodies are partially combinations of colors, as is all the material world around us. Color is the first thing we see once our eyes are open. Look around! How many colors and shades are you surrounded by? Let me guess… I’d say many. Have you ever thought what color actually is?

Probably you did, but if not, let me try to clear it up for you a little. But first I need to talk about light. Light is an electromagnetic field. Basically it’s a radiant energy that makes the world visible. The light comes from the sun as a sun ray. The color is an energy, constructed by photons. Photon is a basic and one of the smallest particles of the electromagnetic field, the smallest light’s unit. The white light is a combination of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies. Every color has a different wavelength (the distance between high points of a wave). The shortest wavelength the human eyes can see is violet, the longest one is red. So, the colors you see are actually the reflection of a specific frequency of the visible light spectrum that corresponds to the photons that are present in whatever it is that you’re observing. 

I hope this made it a little clearer. The other interesting matter is that there are much more colors in the universe that we actually see and perceive. I personally often try to fantasize about these possible other colors in order to boost my imagination. Do you want to try this interesting exercise?



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